How to beat the game of blackjack?

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Do you want to beat the game of blackjack?

why couldn’t I win? I was so frustrated, as I couldn’t understand how all the popular literature and so many websites were dedicated to the subject of card counting, but no one I knew could win consistently using these strategies.

Sure, I had some big winning days when I celebrated and took my friends out for a night on the town, but my losers always ate away at my profits and eventually put me back under water.

I used to spend hours at a table amassing a pretty good stack of chips only to be WIPED OUT by a few bad hands. 

Most professional card counters can’t show their face in Las Vegas or in any other major casino in the world. Yet no one talks about this…

Besides, do you really want to play undercover like agent 007 just to be able to play a decent game of blackjack? 

If that were all we wanted from a blackjack system we might as well flat bet on a coin toss. We could sit there all day and make or lose a few bucks. As a school teacher, I had very little patience when it comes to systems like these. I was looking for that edge that would put the odds in my favor, and the MONEY in my pocket.

What if I told you there was an easier way to beat the dealer?

One that didn’t involve heavy math or memorizing cards? In fact, a method so easy that a child could learn it? I know it sounds too good to be true, and I didn’t believe it at first either, but after using it over and over to make BIG WINNINGS in casinos on land and online, I can’t deny it simply WORKS!

Let me share a secret that casinos don’t want you to know…

Studies show that about 80% of the time, blackjack games are choppy. This means the dealer and the player alternate winning and losing hands. This assumes you use correct basic strategy (you know, the chart that tells you when to hit, stand, double-down, or split). 

By using optimal moves and playing in games with the best rules, you can turn the casino edge against you from 7 to 8 percent down to LESS THAN 1 percent.

That’s a big advantage for the dealer and there’s NOTHING we can really do about that, except try to PREDICT when he has a higher chance of BUSTING. 

And even though card counting systems can raise the odds in your favor by as much as 2 percent, that usually happens under heavy deck penetration, when most of the cards have been dealt (they usually reshuffle before this). Counting remains a big WASTE OF TIME against most blackjack games because the “rich deck” (when you’re supposed to raise your betting spread) RARELY materializes.

In a game that can be played with very close to 50-50 odds, like blackjack, the real way to WIN is by catching streaks, which occur in EVERY GAME!

If you flip a coin several times you’ll find that heads comes up about 50% and tails comes up about 50%.

But notice, if you flip a coin long enough, you’ll come across a streak: heads or tails will turn up several times in a row.

Although the number of times one side will come up in the long run is 50%, it won’t always come up in even intervals (heads, tails, heads, tails, etc).

Streaks are phenomena that occur in almost EVERY aspect of our lives, yet they remain mostly unexplained.

When you play a perfect basic strategy, it’s almost like flipping a coin. You and the dealer take turns winning and losing hands against each other. But sooner or later you’ll win several hands in a row. Streaks happen in blackjack just like in tossing a coin. So, how do you maximize your profit during these situations, you ask?

One night, I was lying in bed practicing my basic strategy and card counting, when it came to me… I found a way to EXPLOIT these STREAKS when they occur to MAXIMIZE returns.

I saw the solution to blackjack, and at its core was the radical approach of altering both the bet amount and the basic strategy during streaks.

The secret is not only in the betting sequence, but in the little known modifications to the basic strategy that casinos are POWERLESS against. These modifications change slightly depending on the rules and the type of streak the player is encountering.

You see, just like the player can experience a streak of winning hands, so can the dealer. So my system also uses an innovative money management technique which allows you to OPTIMIZE RETURNS for dealers’ streaks as well, as you COMPOUND your winnings.

I quickly jotted down some notes and got to work on calculating the odds of winning in different scenarios. I tested an early prototype and it worked great at exploiting streaks of several winning or losing hands in a row. This was confirmed after running it on a blackjack simulator.

I initially made a few thousand playing in the casinos. I was so excited that I shared it with my closest friends who also made easy money in Vegas, Asia and in the Caribbean. But after playing for many months, it became clear that these streaks were NOT always present.

Just like in card-counting, I wasted a lot of time and money waiting for an event to unfold. The system won consistently during streaks, but that was NOT enough…

And that’s when I had another revelation…

Dealer pays in choppy game
beat the game of blackjack

I needed to beat the game during choppy sessions, when the dealer and the player go back and forth winning and losing every other hand.

That’s the time most card counters are sitting it out or flat betting the table minimum with little or NO RETURNS.

I teamed up with an old mathematician friend of mine, and together we went to work on solving the puzzle of how to profit during a choppy game.

After many months of experimenting with combining the strengths of various blackjack systems and adding some completely revolutionary techniques, we eventually tweaked out all of the kinks and MAXIMIZE the PROFIT POTENTIAL in every game.

We could beat the dealer during streaks and choppy games too!

It became clear that we had cracked the code to winning consistently at blackjack!

I could barely contain myself when we tested it on the top blackjack software and it WON OVER AND OVER again! Then we took it to the casinos and really cleaned up!

On one trip, a close friend of mine played in the casinos for one week straight, stopping ONLY to eat and sleep. He netted over 150k! Then we went online and made sure to play at only reputable sites and continued to rake in HUGE PROFITS. Sure, we lost some hands, but we came out ahead consistently, making huge profits, and that was the key.

To beat the game of blackjack you must…

  • Practice and hone your skills, much like an athlete.
  • Set a win goal and loss limit for your bankroll.
  • Play uninfluenced by emotions of fear or excitement.
  • Know when to keep raising your bets and when to cut losses and leave.

You’ll know all these essentials using a simple training program before you go near a dealer. And once mastered, The Easy Money Blackjack System™ will make you an UNSTOPPABLE force at the table!

I will show you how to spot the HOT tables and how to avoid the COLD ones! 

You’ll be able to track several tables and identify the one where the streak is most likely to occur in your favor. That way you’ll have the ADVANTAGE before you even sit down to play!

Among many techniques, you’ll also discover how to lock up guaranteed profits using a unique and highly effective money management system that will allow you to walk away from those tables a consistent WINNER. This powerful part of the system can be mastered in UNDER 30 minutes!

“You would be crazy to play this game without reading this step-by-step guide to winning at 21!”

This is no ordinary blackjack strategy. It’s the FASTEST, consistently PROFITABLE system ever invented and it’s taking casinos by storm. Once you learn to PROFIT from streaks that occur in almost every game, you’ll wonder how you could have ever played any other way. ORDER NOW

It’s such a radically new approach, that they can’t figure out who’s using it or how to devise countermeasures against it!

The potential PROFITS at your first table alone may pay for this valuable information MANY TIMES OVER! But you don’t have to take my word for it. Test out the system on the various blackjack simulation programs available before you take on the casinos. Practice at home with your own deck of cards or on our free online blackjack game.

It’s now PERFECT. I have spent years developing and perfecting this unique approach to WINNING consistently at 21 by combining and adapting other systems, analyzing players in play, and comparing methods for hourly winnings and losses. My obsession has finally PAID OFF in a big way!

In addition to the Easy Money Blackjack System™, this manual is JAM-PACKED with useful information that you should know before ever stepping foot in a casino. It includes information on everything from how to avoid casino “heat” (generated when your winnings draw unwarranted attention), to when to RUN for the door when the dealer gets HOT himself.

Among other crucial information I’ll also show you how to:

  • protect your bankroll and lock up GUARANTEED profit.
  • stack as many odds as possible in your favor and take full ADVANTAGE of liberal rules.
  • go for the dealer’s throat when he is weak.
  • recognize and avoid secretly devised CASINO PLOYS to part you from your money.

What Casinos Don’t Want You to Know. Insidious Tricks and Traps Exposed!

Did you know that some casinos pump oxygen into the air to keep you playing longer?

Also, intoxicated players lose three times as often as sober players (Are those drinks really free?).

Ever notice there never seems to be a clock or a window to the outside in the casino? They want you to lose track of time so you’ll play past your optimal attention span and make small mistakes that will eat away at your bankroll.

Believe me when I say they have studied every aspect of the playing field and have made sure to take every legal advantage of you. 

You’ll discover how to counter their tactics, TURN THE TABLES, and put the odds back in your favor!

  • When to cash out?
  • When should I take insurance?
  • Do dealers cheat?
  • What’s a good table to buy into?
  • How much money should I bring to a given table?
  • When is the best time to cash out my winnings and leave the table?
  • What is surrender, and how can I use it?
  • How are online casinos different than land based ones?

All of these questions and many more are answered in this comprehensive guide to beating the dealer. Armed with this knowledge, you will be ONE STEP AHEAD of the game and you will know exactly how to adjust your strategy for many adverse playing conditions.

Have you ever regretted not betting more on a hot streak? It seems like you can’t stop winning, but you only bet the table minimum because you thought your lucky streak was going to end any second. My Blackjack System shows you how to adjust your bets to CATAPULT your PROFIT during these streaks!

…you DON’T have to wait for a rich deck or even a streak of good hands to see profits!

That’s right, it makes steady returns at choppy tables too..when you and the dealer take turns winning and losing hands. Other types of systems like positive progressions, up and pull, and counting systems do NOT profit under these conditions.

This means that the this Blackjack System MAKES YOU MONEY whether you are on a streak or not. It’s like a chip making machine!

Charts and tables make learning the system EASY.

Using a structured methodology, you are less likely to deviate based on emotion or hunches.

I show you how to POCKET WINNINGS and start playing with the house money as soon as you meet your win goal.

Video tutorials help reinforce the important concepts for visual learners.

Once mastered, my unique strategy will let your bets and PROFITS INCREASE while curtailing your losses.

I don’t believe that a blackjack strategy should be complex or expensive to work. It is quite the opposite; SIMPLE to learn and play, yet POWERFUL in its returns!

NO more EXCUSES. With an offer like this, you can’t afford NOT to win. Remember, this is the first time that this breakthrough system is being offered, and it’s turning the blackjack world UPSIDE DOWN. Most casinos DON’T even have a clue that it exists!

Sure there are other cheaper, dumbed down systems and imitations out there, but none that allow you to PROFIT under so many conditions with such a HIGH rate of success. In the end, there’s only one Easy Money Blackjack™.

So why am I sharing my secret with you?

Like many, you’re probably asking yourself, “If you have found the secret to extracting fortunes from blackjack, why would you want to share it with anyone (especially for such a low price)?“

The simple answer is REVENGE! I have seen people make the dumbest plays and the big casinos thrive by giving you unfair odds while allowing you to play in the name of “entertainment.” There is NOTHING fun or entertaining about LOSING money to the house in a rigged game.

Recently, many casinos have started paying only 6 to 5 for player blackjacks and some folks I talked to actually believed that it was a better payout than the old 3 to 2!

It’s a win-win for both of us.

I give you a GREAT DEAL on the Blackjack System, and in return, you help dissuade casinos from offering unfair rules by only playing in the most advantageous games. The simple laws of supply and demand will force casinos to offer more liberal rules that benefit both you and I.

Sure you’ll be able to extract much of the profits from other less fortunate players. But the house will always benefit from the majority of people who use hunches, emotion or inconsistent strategies like counting.

Also, when I help you WIN your battle with the dealer, you’re going to tell your family and friends about me and my product. When that happens, of course I enjoy viral word-of-mouth marketing – which means I sell more of my product.

All I ask is that when you start winning like so many other happy customers, PLEASE drop us a testimonial and help pass the word along to a friend.

Winning at Blackjack is Easy

The fact is, you CAN beat the dealer, and I will show you how to do it EASILY!

When I show you how to WIN consistently using an UNBEATABLE formula, what will you do with all of your winnings?

STOP relying on hunches, luck, or complex counting and learn the revolutionary way to WIN like a PRO. Do yourself a favor and realize your potential today.

You won’t believe how EASY WINNING BIG at blackjack can be!

Here’s what you’ll get…

A strategy that requires minimal concentration.

A simple method to track favorable tables before you play.

A system that profits fast, even at cold and neutral tables.

Money management that locks up profits & limits losses.

Tutorial videos to help you better retain concepts.

A proven, easy chip stacking machine!

Basic Strategy Cards

basic strategy card

2″x3.5″ cards that you can use to practice or take with you into the casinos (most people don’t even know that you can do this). That way you can refer to them in case you forget you basic strategy.

The statistically correct best play for any given hand.

Charts for all the most common 21 games world wide.

Color coded to make finding the correct move QUICK and EASY.

We link you to the files so you can print them out as often as you wish.

Blackjack Casino Rules & Conditions

blackjack casino rules and conditions

Lifetime access to listings of blackjack rules being offered in all of the casinos in Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, Lake Tahoe, Macau, China, and more.

Log in to a current list of blackjack conditions for 2020.

The truth is that not all blackjack games are created equal and if you’re not doing your homework and play in the wrong games, you can LOSE YOUR SHIRT no matter what strategy you’re using.

Our listings are constantly updated by our user base. They allow you to easily find the best games with the most liberal rules to give you the edge and avoid casinos that offer lower blackjack payouts and restrictive betting rules. This means MORE WINNINGS and smaller losses for you.

Tables may be viewed online or pasted and printed for offline use.

Click below to get Easy Money Blackjack System

Order Now
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