Wholesome kids recipe book

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It is really hard to keep your child busy in vacation time specially the old one’s between 03-14 year (even adult can appreciate it!). so why don’t teach them some good habits like eating wholesome food. so here i present you a very good book on this topic.

According to the author Kira Westwick who is dedicated mother, wife and also certified nutrition coach the purpose of this Wholesome kids recipe book is to inspire families to reconnect with the wisdom and pleasure of cooking, sharing and eating wholesome food.

this book teach child some basic good habits like:

  • inspire your children to consciously and happily eat whole foods
  • Create yummy food your whole family can enjoy
  • Increase the variety of foods in your children diets
  • Includes vegetarian, nut free, grain free and dairy free alternatives.
  • Whip up quick, easy, easy and most importantly DELICIOUS snacks

it contains 250 pages of delicious recipes, tips and fun activities for the whole family.

Books layout is colorful and motivational for even youngsters and adult alike.

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