Intelligent online learning system for Children

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ZooWhiz - intelligent online learning system
ZooWhiz – intelligent online learning system for children

ZooWhiz is the intelligent online learning system for children that automatically adapts to each child’s learning needs.

  • For children aged 4 – 15
  • Extensive coverage of maths, word skills and reading
  • Contains over 17,000 carefully sequenced educational activities
  • Creates fully differentiated individual learning pathways with ease
  • Direct one-to-one correlations between each activity, children’s results and your local curricula
  • Fully encapsulates the precise structure and terminology of your local curricula
  • Create tests and precisely analyse the results
  • Motivates and liberates children to learn, and empowers educators
  • Facilitates assessment, extension and learning support
  • Set homework, class pre and post tests and exams using dedicated Content Selections
  • One simple but incredibly powerful easy-to-use system

Automated unique learning pathways

ZooWhiz liberates children to learn by intelligently adapting to their needs. It automatically creates a unique learning pathway for each child.

  • The inbuilt Adaptive Learning System empowers educators by automatically implementing fully differentiated learning without the need to constantly monitor and adjust content
  • Automatically devises the optimal learning pathway for each child
  • Sets teachers and parents free from the tedious, time-consuming processes of monitoring and adjusting the system for each child
  • Presents just the right activities at just the right time to maximize learning
  • Self identifies and bridges learning gaps then helps children to mastery step-by-step
  • Actively challenges each child to learn

It’s in a league of its own

All the parts of ZooWhiz work together to complement each other delivering a learning system of unparalleled power, elegance and simplicity.

  • Its flexible and incredibly powerful and incisive reports correlate precisely with the included curricula
  • Propels each child along their unique learning pathway motivated by the fun of the zoo and arcade games and the challenge of the activities and the feedback they receive
  • Its power is cloaked with simplicity
  • Links home and school, enabling parents, teachers and schools to work together for the good of every child
  • Sound Support for the lower years allows younger users and ESL students to work independently as if they had an adult to read along with them
  • For  iOS and Android devices it automatically diverts to a special HTML5 web based version of ZooWhiz eliminating the need to install and manage an App

Educational Content

Over 17,000 high quality educational activities for children aged 4 to 15+

The educational content at the heart of ZooWhiz has been purpose built to empower parents and teachers to help children learn. It is embedded in a powerful, flexible, easy to use management environment that puts teachers and parents in control and allows for the delivery of totally automated differentiated instruction for each and every child. Learn More

Educational Content Covered

Over 17,000 activities that comprehensively cover mathematics with a huge range of topics; word skills including punctuation, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and phonics and reading with an emphasis on phonemics, comprehension and text types

Each and every activity and their organization is intentional

  • Each of the educational activities in ZooWhiz has been included to meet specific learning outcomes identified in the comprehensive, rigorous planning that preceded their creation
  • Because each and every activity in ZooWhiz was designed with a particular outcome in mind, there is absolutely no time wasted on superfluous content
  • ZooWhiz activities provide scaffolding for weaker students and enrichment activities that will engage and extend even the most inquiring minds
  • Learning sequences are designed directly into the sequential, finely-incremented educational content
  • The educational content within ZooWhiz has been rigorously tested by millions of users!

Attributes of the ZooWhiz educational activities

  • Children progress sequentially through carefully sequenced levels with each year level broken down into multiple incremental levels
  • Features a broad range of activities and activity types, including text input, missing answer, drag-and-drop, multiple choice, true or false and more!
  • The diversity of activity type and the accompanying humour maintains children’s interest and helps build skills
  • Easy drag-and-drop with snap-to functionality
  • Positive feedback and correction through detailed answer screens gives visual, and in the Reading content, auditory reinforcement
  • Humorous twists keep students engaged and on-task

Powerful, flexible homework capabilities

The multiple, flexible ways in which teachers can create Content Selections together with the powerful date capable reporting options make it easy to set homework.

Multiple ways to use ZooWhiz online learning system for children for homework

  1. Children can use ZooWhiz in Adaptive or Free Play modes at home at any time. Use the various report options to isolate work done at different times.
  2. Set specific Content Selections and nominate them for homework. The dedicated Content Selection reports will show which children have completed the work and how they have done
  3. Set Adaptive Learning Filters and their associated minimum activity number. You’ll see their overall progression in the Adaptive Learning report and the various other report options.

Reporting Overview

Comprehensive, incisive reporting

ZooWhiz produces a myriad of powerful, flexible reports from the results accrued in the ResultVault that give amazing insight into the progress of each child. The reports correlate directly with the included curricula. They enable teachers and parents to zero in on each child’s learning needs and then quickly and easily set work to address their weaknesses and extend them where they need a challenge. The incredible reporting power and flexibility of ZooWhiz facilitates assessment, extension and learning support.

Report by Education Structure

Each Education Structure can be used as a report lens through which to view the results accrued in the ResultVault. Set work based on one Education Structure and report using another!

  • Use the inbuilt Education Structures to profile results using the hierarchy and actual terminology of your Local Curriculum
  • Allows preset educational content in one Education Structure to be reported in another

Report features

  • A wide range of report types with unprecedented detail
  • Powerful, quick and easy report creation
  • Individual and class reports
  • Content Selection reports for work allocated by a parent or teacher
  • Consolidated results for each child’s account
  • View on screen, print or export report data
  • Review actual activities answered correctly and incorrectly
  • View student progress for particular time periods
  • Identify areas of mastery and weakness
  • Compare the progress of any child against the State or National average
  • View crucial data in real time

Export & Print Data

Now you can save or print the data from your reports. Download the data and import it in to your favourite reporting software for further analysis. Print a hard-copy of the reports for a permanent snapshot in time – perfect for student portfolios!

  • Most reports also include the option to export the data as a CSV file
  • Printer-friendly layouts are available for many of the reports to assist with printing

The personal Zoos and Arcade Games are great motivators complete the educational activities (which are fun and engaging in themselves). I find that the girls like to set a money goal for each ‘Zoo Session’ and are competing with each other on getting the biggest number of zoo animals in their allotted time. The fact that they have to ‘pay’ to play the Arcade Games is great too – it means they HAVE to do some of the educational actives before they get to play the games

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