Neeva – A Google Alternative for Ad Free Search Engine?

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neeva ad free search engine
neeva search engine

Neeva is claimed to be a google alternative for an ad-free search engine that looks for information on the web as well as personal files like emails and other documents.

It will not show any advertisements and it will not collect or profit from user data. It plans to make money on subscriptions from users paying for the service.

Why another search engine?

As you know a new search engine crops every day in the internet market but most are built on google chromium style (even Microsoft’s Edge browser!) claiming to be fast but still based on google search engine algorithm.

So you may get the same results which are based on google search engine results i.e. ads all over on the first page which are now heavily biased towards google’s ad revenue model.

Now here is a new search player coming called ‘Neeva’ primarily focused to give you a choice in how you search and experience the internet.

According to Neeva search engine developers it is created to feel like your personal corner of the web, designed specifically for you – always ad-free and private. And their mission is to serve our users, and only our users.

Creation and Inspiration

Neeva is founded by Sridhar Ramaswamy (ex-SVP of Ads at Google) and Vivek Raghunathan (ex-VP of Monetization at YouTube). They met in the early days of search ads at Google and came up with the idea for Neeva over hikes and coffee.

Sridhar Ramaswamy was the executive in charge(Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce) of the google’s $115 billion advertising arm.

As per Sridhar Ramaswamy Google’s growth had come at a heavy cost to the company’s users. Useful search results were pushed down the page to squeeze in more advertisements, and privacy was sacrificed for online tracking tools to keep tabs on what ads people were seeing.

Neeva Search Engine Team: Man Behind It

As per Neeva website their financial investors includes:

  • Asheem Chandna – Greylock partner. Enterprise tech investor. Served on over 20 technology company boards. BSEE and MS Comp. E. from Case Western.
  • Bill Coughran – Sequoia Partner, Investor, Entrepreneur, Ran Search@Google, Computing Sciences@Bell Labs, Stanford PhD, CalTech BS/MS
  • Reid Hoffman – Greylock partner. Investor, entrepreneur, strategist. Co-Founder of Linkedin and founding team PayPal. Investor: Airbnb, Facebook, Zynga. BS Stanford, MA Oxford.

Neeva has raised $37.5 million with equal investments from Greylock, Sequoia Capital and Ramaswamy himself.

Neeva developer team members has built iconic products at companies like Google, Snap, Dropbox and WhatsApp. And their focus on to create awesome privacy-focused products for its users.

Is it Ad Free Google’s Competitor?

Google’s businesses are the largest player of the ad revenue business market.

Google accounts for roughly 90% of all searches globally and competitors have tried unsuccessfully for years to make inroads.

Neeva’s main hurdle is of getting people to pay for something that google and others giving as free. While it true that free services from Google and Facebook come at the expense of personal data, many consumers, who express concern about their privacy, are too unwilling to pay for an alternative.

Sridhar Ramaswamy pointed to how Google has devoted more space to ads at the top of search results with the results users are seeking pushed down the page — an issue more pronounced on smaller smartphone screens.

Privacy comes at a price!

It is expected that you will never be shown ads on Neeva, also Neeva made a guarantee that your data will never be sold in any form whatsoever (aggregated or not) to anybody. Neeva also made a promise to delete your search history by default after 90 days.

Neeva has not set a price for its subscription. It will be free for initial users until the end of the year. After that, Ramaswamy said he aimed to charge a monthly subscription of less than $10 and he hopes to bring the price down over time as more users sign up.

What Would be the future for Private Ad Free Search Engines?

Neeva is not an all-new search engine from the ground up. It has all kind of technologies behind it to come up required to compete google.

The search rankings are powered by Microsoft Bing, the weather information comes from, stock data from Intrinio, and the maps are from Apple.

When users link their Google, Microsoft Office or Dropbox account, Neeva sifts through personal files as well as the public internet for the right answers.

And because it knows the people in your contacts, the retailers you ordered from, and news publications you received newsletters from, Neeva’s private search engine results will become more personalized over time.

So, Is it going to become another google without ads?

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P.S. article is based on information gathered from various sources.

we are currently not affiliated with Neeva or it’s partners. information published here provided for our reader’s knowledge only.

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